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In a message in th paciffic daylight time 7/6/02 dalilqmami363 writes.......
Watch this picture closely, if you concentrate hard enough, you might be able to see
a figure of a ghost. It will take a bit of time until your eye can see it.
Look towards the blue part in the door.


This is a picture of Lisa caught on camera....

Lisa committed suicide in her room and nobody knew why. Well one day, Lisa's friends put a camera in her room to see if they would be able to see her. When they watched the tape, they didn't see anything for awhile.  Later on they watched more of the tape and they saw her come out of the doorway and they were totally freaked out. They never went in her room again.

Forward this to at least 10 people within the next hour!!  Or else the ghost of Lisa will haunt you forever. Don't believe me? Karen opened this up and thought it was another stupid and fake forward. She never believed in forwards. So, she deleted it... the next morning Karen was found dead in her bed... Her parents didn't know what happened, she had blood all over her and looked like she was cut with a knife, but there was no evidence to who did it. Could it be because Lisa came in her room and killed her or was it just a coincidence?
~You decide~

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