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British luxury liner "S.S. Titanic" in dock at Southampton prior to her fatal maiden voyage.
Location:Southampton, United KingdomDate taken:1912

Captain E.J. Simth, who would skipper the Titanic on its fateful voyage.
Date taken:1910

British White Star Lines' luxury liner "Titanic" being towed through Victoria Channel, into Belfast Lough for her sea trials, April 2, 1912.
Location:Belfast, IrelandDate taken:April 02, 1912

Passengers strolling past lifeboats aboard the ocean liner Titanic.
Date taken:1912

Illustrated cross section of British White Star Lines' luxury liner "Titanic" showing decks, storage areas etc. as well as probable points of impact w. iceberg below waterline.
Date taken:1912

The sinking of the British luxery liner "Titanic" by Henry Reuterdahl based on material supplied by survivors of the shipwreck.
Date taken:April 1912

Illustration of lifeboats around the ocean liner Titanic as it goes down in the Atlantic Ocean.
Date taken:1912

Passengers in life jackets prepare to abandon ship after the ocean liner Titanic struck an iceberg and began sinking.
Date taken:August 12, 1912

Rescuers from the ship Carpathia helping Titanic's radio operator Harold Bride off ship, Bride's SOS alerted public to sinking of the Titanic

Anxious callers outside offices of the White Star line waiting to learn news of survivors of shipwreck of luxury liner "Titanic" which sank off Newfoundland after it struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage.
Location:New York, NY, USDate taken:April 1912

Survivors of the ordeal crying after watching the movie about the "Titanic," and reminisencing about being in the same lifeboat.

A view showing the statue in memory of those who were drowned in the "Titanic" disaster in the Donegall Square in front of the City Hall.
Location:Belfast, Ireland.Date taken:1941


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