People who do not eat whole grains

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People who do not eat whole grains

Whole grains can prevent many diseases, but because they are a bit dry and hard to digest, so not everyone can eat this food. Modern life become the cause of many diseases such as diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, colon cancer, obesity is gradually threatening human health. However, if you know how to eat, these diseases can be limited, for example, eat whole grains (whole grains).

Mainly coarse grains including maize, millet, purple rice, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat, soy and dry beans, green beans, red beans ... Admittedly whole grains is good for health because cellulose in whole grains that can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol, reduce blood fat, stimulate peristalsis, prevent constipation; B vitamins especially vitamin B1 which could prevent numbness in line . 

At the same time, a lot of whole grains have medicinal value such as buckwheat contains "chlorophyll" and "rutin" that the other grains, can help treat high blood pressure.

However, if the load is too much coarse grains will also be detrimental to health. First nutritional value of the cereal itself is not high, moreover it is not easy to digest, low absorption rate; Monday, whole grains rich in fiber can affect the absorption of nutrients such as calcium, iron body. 

But good coarse grains but is not suitable for most people, some people can special properties like this do not regularly eat whole grains. Here are 7 groups incompatible with whole grains.

1. People with poor stomach function

Those who have weak stomach if you eat too much fiber will make a huge burden to the stomach.

2. Those who lack the elements calcium, iron ...

Because of the coarse grains contain phytic acid and fiber, will combine together to form the precipitate, prevent the body to absorb minerals such as calcium, iron ...

3. People with digestive disease

If the disease of esophageal varices, cirrhosis of the liver or stomach ulcers, eating too many whole grains may lead to rupture, hemorrhage and venous ulcers.

4. People with weakened immune systems

If each day to load more than 50 grams of cellulose in the long run, can cause the protein to be hampered, effective use of fat reduction, damaging the function of organs such as bone, heart and blood, the immune system body.

5. Those who labor

Nutritional value of whole grains low, less energy should not provide enough nutrition for the hard labor.

6. Age young people are developing

Due to the special needs of nutrients and energy of puberty as well as the physiological needs of the hormone concentrations, whole grains not only hinders the absorption of cholesterol and convert it into hormones, but also hinder absorption and utilization of nutrients.

7. The elderly and young children

Because elderly digestive function impairment, and gastrointestinal function of immature infants, ingestion of a large amount of cellulose to create huge burden on the stomach. Moreover the rate of absorption and utilization of nutrients is quite low, is not conducive to the development of young children.

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