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The NASA Solar Flapper  is an unconventional concept for a plane that would use solar
power and flapping of the aircraft's "wings" to propel itself up and forward.
blog  writes, "This flight vehicle would integrate airfoil, propulsion,
energy production, energy storage, and control into one seamless design
with no conventional mechanical moving parts."

The above plane is a concept designed for Japan Airlines by industrial designer Luigi Colani.

This  ambitious  personal aircraft design is targeted to reach speeds of over 150mph
with a range of around 50 miles. The Puffin  would be  "hover-capable, electric-powered,
super-quiet" and capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

Unveiled in mid-July, the creators of this Airbus concept plane say it could potentially
become the standard for air-travel by the year 2050. The plane features ultra
long and slim wings, a "U" shaped tail, and a more "intelligent" body to boost
 performance and efficiency.he interior of the plane will also be revolutionary and
environmentally friendly, according an Airbus press release:

This futuristic flying machine looks like it was taken right out of a sci-fi movie. However,
the saucer is not just space-age, but eco-friendly too. It was designed by the CleanEra project,
 led by Etnel Straatsma of Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. CleanEra's
aim is to create an environmentally friendly plane that "releases 50 percent less carbon dioxide
 per passenger-mile than current airliners," LiveScience writes. "The project's "greenliner"—depicted
in design illustrations as a flying saucer—would also reduce other pollutants and noise,
in line with recommendations from the European Aerospace Commission, ACARE."

The Icon A5, called the "ultimate joyride," can take off and land on water or dry land, and when
its 32-foot wings are folded, it can fit comfortably into a large garage. Its creator hopes
to make "flying small airplanes the luxury motor sport of the 21st century," and designed
the Icon A5, which has an interior similar to that of a sports car, to have "sex appeal."
The plane is priced at around $140,000.

The Terrafugia Transition, dubbed the "world's first flying car," recently received
 the  go-ahead from the FAA . It can fly at a speed of 115 MPH, has a 460-mile range, and
doubles as a car when its wings are folded up.  The Transition  will set you back
close to $200,000 when it finally hits the market.

The SAX-40 is a joint project between engineers at The Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, and Cambridge University in England. This aircraft seats 215 passengers
and emits just 63 decibels during takeoff, compared to a whopping 150 decibels
by a conventional airliner. The goal, notes Popular Science, is to build an
aircraft that is "inaudible outside the airport."

The Aeroscraft ML866 boasts a vast 5,000 square feet of interior room for the
ultimate luxury experience. This "flying yacht" reaches a top speed of 120 knots
and has vertical takeoff and landing capabilities.

A team of engineers at MIT have been awarded a $2 million contract by
 NASA to design a quieter and  more efficient aircraft  that could be released
as soon as 2030. According to  Dvice , "this squashed wide-body

design is the team's preliminary effort."

Hey take a look at this road-able aircraft that is under development. They are expecting
 to have a flying model by the end of the year and are taking buyer deposits.
As a pilot, I think this has tons more potential than the terrafugia

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