Psychedelic sea slugs

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Psychedelic sea slugs

The sea slugs, called nudibranchs, spend their days at the bottom of the ocean. While nudibranchs are sea slugs not all sea slugs are nudibranchs.

They are hermaphrodites like their garden cousins, with a set of reproductive organs for both sexes. However, they can rarely fertilise themselves.

Their bright colours and intricate designs serve to ward off predators as well as providing an eye-catching display for curious divers.

Nudibranchs, whose name means 'naked gills', grow from just one-inch-long up to 24 inches and live in salt water across the globe.

The amazing creatures were caught on camera by British photographers David and Debi Henshaw, on diving trips to Indonesia and the Philippines.

'They come in a spectacular range of colours and shapes, and they're very eye-catching even underwater.

'People dedicate their careers to finding and classifying them and you can get to be a bit of a buff. They're fascinating things.

There are already more than 3,000 known varieties of nudibranch

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