ETF Mining Trucks

  karma level 975


ETF  MT-240 Truck with coal body

ETF MT-240 Truck with rock body

Front view oscillating axles

Side view suspension travel (950 mm)

View oscillation and suspension travel

Two axle-lines lifted during empty haulage

Axle automatically lifted in case of flat tye

Monorail frame

All-Wheel- Steering and All-Wheel -Drive

Coal body tipping

Rock body tipping

3-way tipper for Haul Train use

Fall down prevention caused by driver error

Driving over the road shoulder with ETF trucks correction still possible !!

The effects of better spread ground pressure (ETF versus current Large Haul Trucks)

ETF Haul Train during tipping


V aithialingam  P

Chennai.  +91 77080 250 25.

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