Rise of the Zombies

  Sunny Dhanoe
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Frankfurt, Germany
On July 18, hundreds of zombies appeared in the city center, part of Frankfurt's third annual zombie walk

Sydney, Australia
This pair of flesh-eaters were part of an unsuccessful bid to break the world record for the "biggest zombie lurch" in September 2007.

Gary, Indiana
At a memorial service for Michael Jackson held in the pop star's hometown, these performers re-enacted the zombie dance from "Thriller"

London, England
This "Fleshmob" formed in April, 2007.

London, England
Zombie hopefuls weeking to work at The London Bridge Experience practice their flesh-eating. The winning candidate will have the role of scaring visitors in the tombs underneath the bridge.

Sydney, Australia
This zombie event failed to break the world record of 894 zombies in a single lurch.

Frankfurt, Germany
Nurses and nuns were a popular theme at the July zombie walk.

Madrid, Spain
This February 2007 event was the city's first "day of zombie pride".

London, England
Candidates trying out for the London Bridge Experience zombie positions wait in a cafe before their auditions.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Zombie turnout at the 2006 Santo Domingo carnival was brisk.

London, England
"Fleshmob" participants stagger through the capital.

Boston, Massachusetts
Seventy-five zombies marched from Boston to Harvard Square in this Zombie March.

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