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  • Corkscrew was in vented by Samuel Hershaw of England in 1795
  • Barbed wire was invented by Lucimen Smith of America in 1864
  • Sugar cubes were invented by Eugen Langen, Germany in 1875
  • Wet photo copier was invented by George Beidier of U.S.A  in 1903
  • Modern tractor was invented by hebry ford of U.S.A in 1907
  • Coveyor belt was invented by Henry Ford and Detrait of U.S.A  in 1908
  • Dry copying process was invented by Chester F.Carlson in 1938
  • Electric washing machine was invented byAlva Fisher of U.S.A in 1901
  • Electric hand drill was invented by Donean black and Alonso Decker of U.S.A IN 1917
  • Desk lamp was invented bu Carvardline in 1934
  • DDT pesticide was invented by Paul Multer of Switerland in1939
  • Microwave oven was invented by Peray Lebron Spencer of U.S.A. IN 1945
  • Robot Automation was invented by Delmer Harder of U.S.A  IN 1964
  • Felt Pens was invented by Japanese company pentel in 1960
  • Robot making  robot was invented by Japan in 1983
  • Soapless Ultrasonic washer was invented by Nibon University of Japan in 1985

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