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Turtles on Costa Rica Beach






"We make them cry who care for us. We cry for those who never care for us."

Sending you an e-mail of the turtles on the beaches of
Costa Rica

See the 2nd picture too, where the female cannot cover up her own eggs, before the intruder steals away what Nature has given her to protect her young. These people have unfortunately, taught their
children nothing for the future generation to cherish. Look at these children and they do not know anything about conservation of Marine Life Protection
and look at the disastrous road their parents are taking too..............

The turtle eggs are stolen to be sold.

What have they all gained for the future of Costa Rica 's Marine Life protection? They r also hurting the feelings of those speechless turles just for
the sense gratification of few minutes. ANIMALS TOO HAVE FEELINGS IN THE SAME INTENSITY AS HUMANS.

World Wide shame On COSTA RICA

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