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Indian Film Industry is eagerly waiting for April 12 2007
Reason?----It's release date of Rajnikanth's latest movie SHIVAJI

Some Facts:

Rajnikant's Remuneration =
2* Remuneration of (Amitabh Bachan + Abhishek Bachan + Hrithik Roshan + Aamir Khan + Shah Rukh Khan)
Releasing worldwide in 27 countries on same day with about 2900 theatres.
(Earlier Record-- Krrish in 14 countries in 1200 theatres).
India -2200 theatres

China-211 theatres

Japan-130 theatres

Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong-100 theatres

ME Countries-100 theatres

USA-80 theatres

UK-70 theatres

And this release is only behind Casino Royale which is released in 36 countries in 3200 theatres.

Rajnikant's Remuneration in his last 3 movies:

15 crores
Chandramukhi-----25+ crores

Shivaji-----40+ crores

Rajnikant is only behind Jackie Chan in terms of remuneration in Asia.








Even the badshahs of Bollywood marvel at this one man's ability to bring people into theatres.
Getting his date is equal to unearthing a treasure for any producer.
When his films release all others move aside and wait for it to finish its victory lap.
No one disputes his status as the biggest star the industry has ever seen.
His style is what makes the movies a treat to watch.
He is the one actor who has transcended all barriers of language and culture (he has fan following in Africa and Japan ).
Sivaji is due for the 12th of April; we all wait with bated breath. Minimum Guarantee is a mild term for this man;
Maximum Guarantee may describe his status better. His pay is of little consequence; l
atest reports suggest a figure of 15 crores and the distribution rights for some areas too.
If not the distribution rights, it is a percentage of the earnings (40%).
It is being said that Sivaji will sell for nothing less than 60 crores.
Distributors trust him with their money; he is known to compensate their losses if there are any.
His movies are usually made at a bold budget of close to 20 crores and sell for around 28 crores.

Trade value:
Production cost of the movie involved: 20 Crores
Movie sold for: 28 Crores

Fan base :
Colossal -

Last hit:
Box office verdict: Record breaking blockbuster
Year: 2005

Future projects:

Number of years in the industry:


Ranjikant donated around 160 cores for charity (old age homes and orphanages) other than the trust he runs whose maintenance is around 17 crores per annum.





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