Shocking scientific revelations!

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1.Big bottom keeps diabetes away

A big bottom is good for you because it raises the levels of good cholesterol that protects against hardening of arteries and also cuts the risk of diabetes, say researchers. One of the studies shows having a generous rear end rather than a pot belly, cuts levels of bad cholesterol and raises levels of good cholesterol that protects against hardening of arteries and also cuts the risk of diabetes.

2.Moles give youthful looks for longer
Scientists also claim people with lots of moles are years younger biologically than those with mark-free skin. They may retain their youthful looks for longer and could also be at lower risk of a host of age-related diseases, such as heart disease or osteoporosis, reports

3. Flat chests can now make you happy
Furthermore, women with flat chests are less likely to experience back problems, as large breasts can cause upper back pain by altering the curvature of the spine, researchers in Turkey have discovered.

4.Larger nose and ears
Scientists have also found that larger noses inhale almost seven percent fewer pollutants. They also act as a barrier to deflect germs away from the mouth and could even reduce the effects of hay fever. Then come large ears that may counteract hearing loss associated with ageing and enable to collect sound efficiently.

5.Thunder thighs not that bad
Studies have also linked short legs to higher levels of liver and heart disease and diabetes. Good news is also for those who store fat on the lower half of their body as chunky thighs prolong life.

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