Software Industry in 2030 - A Must Read

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Year: 2030

Place: a reputed Software company, USA (Two American (Non Indians)Talking)

When Currency Conversion Rate would be: INR 1 Rs = USD $ 100

Great Conversation

Alex: Hi John, you were not in office, yesterday?

John: Yeah, I was at the Indian Embassy for stamping my visa.

Alex: Oh really, what happened, I heard that they have become very strict
these days.

John: Yeah, but I managed to get it.

Alex: How long did it take?

John: Oh, it was nasty man, a long line up. I got there at 2 AM but
managed to return only by 4 in the evening. Bill Gates was in front of me
and guess what he was refused

Alex: Really? In India, it is just a matter of an hour to get a stamp for
the USA

John: Yeah, that is because not many in India are interested in coming to
the States.

Alex: When are you leaving?

John: Anytime soon, on receiving my tickets from the client in India and my
greatest joy is that, I would be getting a chance to fly Air-India. Sort of
dream come True.

Alex: How long are you going to stay in India.

John: What do you mean by how long? I probably will settle in India, my
Company has promised to process my Hara Patta ..(green card)

Alex: Really, lucky guy, it is very difficult to get a Hara Patta.

John: Yeah, if it fails, I am planning on marrying an Indian girl there.

Alex: But I am sure you could find a lot of American girls in Hyderabad,
Bangalore and Mumbai.

John: No, I prefer Indian girls because they are beautiful, mordern, broad
minded and cultured.

Alex: Which city are you headed to, Hyderabad ?

John: Chennai. I heard in Hyderabad salary is good but cost of living is
quite high, it costs about Rs. 2000/- for a single room accommodation.

Alex: I see, that's too much. How about Bangalore , Mumbai?

John: No idea, but it is less than Hyderabad which has now become the worlds
headquarters for software

Alex: I have heard, that all the Indians have a personal Robot to help with
household chores.

John: Thats true and you could buy a BMW for Rs. 5000/- and a personal
Robot for less than Rs.7500/-. But my dream is to buy an Ambassador, which
costs about Rs.2,00,000/- . It has such a lovely design.

Alex: Who is your client?

John: Subbarao and Apparao Associates, a top Indian company, specializing
in Embedded Software.

Alex: Oh, really, your lucky to work in a truly Indian company. They are
really intelligent and unlike American Body shoppers who have opened their
Fly-by-night outfits in India, Indian companies pay you in full even when
you are on the bench.

My friend Paul Allen, used his bench time to visit Bihar, the most livable
place in India, probably the world. I wonder how that state has perfected
a system of offerring total freedom with high class living & complete order.

John: Yeah man!, you are right. I hope some states in America can follow her

Alex: How are you going to cope with their language?

John: Why not? Since my school days I have been learning Hindi as my first
language here at New York. At the Consulate they tested my proficiency in
Hindi and were quite impressed with my high score in TOHIL i.e. Test of
Hindi as International Language.

Alex: So, you are going to have a lot of fun out there.

John: Yeah, I will be traveling in the world's fastest train, visiting the
world's largest theme park, and the famous Bollywood where I hope to see
actors like ShahRukh Khan, Hrithik and all. Esselworld is also near

Alex: You know, the PM of India is scheduled to visit the US next year and
I heard he may relax the number of visas issued to Americans

John: That's true. Last month, Narayana Murthy visited the White House and
donated Rs. 200,000/- for infrastructure development at Silicon Valley and
has promised more if we follow the model of the High-Tech City of
Bangalore... Bill Gates also had a chance of meeting with him. Very lucky I
should say.

Alex: But, the Indian government is planning on splitting Narayanamurthy's

John: He is a hard worker man, he can build any number of Infosys like
this. He earns Rs. 1000/- a second. It seems, if you keep all his money as
Rs. 100/- notes you could reach Pluto along the milky way

Alex: OK, Good Luck John.

John: Same to you Alex. And if you get an oppurtunity to get a work visa do
not go to the Consulate in a "Kurta Pyjama" because they would think that
you are too Indianised and may doubt if you will never come back and hence
your Non-Immigrant Visa may be rejected. But don't forget to say " Namaste,
aap kaise hai " to the Visa officer at Window No 5. It seems he likes that
and will not give you a visa if you don't greet him that way.

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