Some Sardar Jokes

  Vinay Natekar
  karma level 45840

Sardar No. 1: Yaar Kal Raat Teen Ghante Ek ENGLISH FILM Dekhi.,
Na Koi Seen Tha, Na Aawaaaz.!
Sardar No. 2: Film Ka Naam Kya Tha.?
Sardar No. 1:”NO DISC INSERTED”…


One Sardar goes to a party with   his family,

He introduces his family to his friend saying

  mai sardar, yeh Sardarnee

  ye mera kid aur ye meri kidney


Tring, Tring, Tring.

Sardar : Hello kon bol raha hai
Other side : Ji main bol raha hoon
Sardar :   oye ye to kamal ho gya
idhar se bhi main Udhar Se bhi main


Santa Singh And Banta Singh Were Sitting On A Tree And Santa Singh Was Singing A Song.
After 4 Songs Santa Singh Hung Himself Upside Down And Started Singing Again.
Banta Singh : Santa Singh, What Is The Matter With You? Why Are You Hanging Upside Down.
Santa Singh : I Am Singing The B Side


  Santa Singh   sitting on the top of the mountain and studying.
When a person asked what he was doing?
He replied, Oye! Higher studies yaar.


  Santa and Banta   worked in   same   office.   Every day they noticed that the boss left work early.
One day Santa and Banta   decided that when their boss left, they would leave
shortly after him.   After all, he never came back to office to know
that they went home early too. So they left early too after boss.

Santa watched cricket match and passed his time chatting with wife Preeto. Other side Banta was happy to get home early and thought of giving surprise to his wife Jassi, but when he reached near his bedroom he   heard noises coming from inside. Slowly and quietly, he cracked open the door and was mortified to see his wife   in bed with his boss.
Gently, he closed the door and crept out of his house. The next day, during
their coffee break, Santa   planned to leave early again and he asked Banta if he was going to do likewise.
"No way",   Banta exclaimed. "I almost got caught yesterday”


Sardar 1 :   " I kiss my wife everyday before I go to office , and U?
Sardar 2 : " I kiss after u go to office"
Sardar 1 : " ha , ha I kiss first st


Teacher to Sardar : Make a sentence in which one word
is repeated Two times.
Sardar : If Lara Datta marries Brian Lara she become Lara Lara


Santa calls the hospital. "Can you please send me help ! My wife`s going into labor pain!"
The nurse : "Calm down. Is this her first child ?"
Santa   : "No! This is her husband!"


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