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Madan Mohan Malviya was trying to build a good university; he had to
overcome many difficulties and barriers. He worked with determination to start the university. There was a funds crisis; but he did not get
disheartened. He went from town to town, met many rich people and traders to collect donations. He went to the King to request him for funds.

The king was furious, 'How dare you come to me for funds... that too
for a your university?' he roared with anger and took off his footwear
and flung it at Malviya.

Malviya picked up the footwear and left silently. He came directly to the market place and began to auction the footwear. As it was the king's footwear, many came forward to buy it. The price went up.

When king heard of this, he became uneasy. He thought it would be an insult if his footwear were to be bought by someone for a pittance. So he sent one of his attendants with the instruction, 'Buy that footwear no matter what the bidding price be!'

Thus, Malviya managed to sell the king's own footwear to him, for a huge amount. He used that money to build the Benares University known popularly as BHU.

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