Student Kidnapping story- Noida

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Take Care Guys n Gals It might be your story  !!!!!!!!!
Life is Precious enjoying it fully n carefully…..

Defeat is not when we fall Down, But when we refuse to get up.
Victory is not when we win a battle, But when we win the heart.

I took That 730 Bus from Office and Got Down at Atta to buy some Painting Stuff and Sheets. Ate my dinner at Subway, Pulled out 2K from ATM and started for my home in a Rik. Then it start Raining so I stopped the Rik under the Metro station near IOC. But sensing it can take lot of time and probably I should reach home ASAP, I asked the Ric to keep moving . But the rain got heavier and I decided to get off the Rik and Take an Auto. So I left the Ric and start asking autos to Go to my home, but nobody agreed. Suddenly a Tata Indica came and (out of desperation) I thought it may be an empty Taxi which can drop me near my home, So I approached it and . . . .  

The night was Getting Darker and rain was getting sweeter, when suddenly I find myself Kidnapped by 4 Strong Men. Sitting in the middle seat at the back of Tata Indica after a Scuffle which left my Face swollen and Right Eye Dark. Gun Came Out and Was pointing Below My Arm pit and the tension in Air got thicker and Thicker. There was no way out by Physical force and only way out was to Emotionally Grip them (that is what I thought) .

I started telling them, “Let’s be Brothers or Friends” , as your Brother I understand what u are doing and feel whatever you are doing is Correct and justify. My intention was to make them feel that they are correct and  I am not going to do anything to them. Immediate reaction was  the verbal abuse stopped and there was  abuse from then onwards (a positive sign).But they were still griping my shoulders and elbow. Then they searched my wallet and took all the money (some Rs 2000). They got hold of my ATM card and 2 American express cards (one of which was expired).I told them I was a student having an align father back home.

Then The Bag Was Searched, which Gave them the Camera, Bose Headphones, Swiss knife, Goggles, And The Mobile (and they took my Gym Shorts too). Now they have 3 cards, The ATM card was taken and Asked  to revile the PIN code which I have to( they told me if the pin is wrong, then they will kill me). Other 2 cards were Credit cards one out of which was expired( I don’t know why I was carrying it, But it helped me to prove the cards are not good at all) so they returned the credit cards their and then.

They were now searching for the ATM which is on the Road, and reached somewhere Near FORTIS hospital in sector 62. The Car stopped , Person in front got down and car start moving again.  We move 2 KM ahead and take a U turn and came back to the same place where that person has got down, only to pick him up, But on the Other side of the Road. Now they have pulled out Rs 40,000 from the ATM. Now First question they asked was if you are student how come you have this much money in your account????
My answer was straight, to pay the Fees.

I was feeling relived that now I will be freed and the Ordeal of talking to them in Good way will end. But the real trouble was ahead…………….

Since the Account balance was Displayed on the slip of ATM which was some 47000, So they decided to keep me till Next day at least, so they decided to move away from Noida till 12 PM. And they start moving towards Ghaziabad and Meerut. So the challenge was to hold the 4 brains not to cross the Red line while moving towards that region. So have to start talking to them. I asked them which Game do they play. After a big laughter they sat the play the only game of Girls. So I asked which game they like and Cricket was the answer. And so kept talking about their interests in Cricket , Bodybuilding, Gyms, Diets, Girls, The Jokes, Their Great friendship. I was getting psyched off by that fabricated laughs and constructed phrases which I was using to be in line with them  

The clock on the dashboard was still showing 10:30, I could feel how slow the time was moving. But on the back of mind I didn’t know what was I waiting for the Final 90 minutes of my life or fine 90 minutes of my captivity. Right Side of my face was badly swollen and I was asking for water again and again to wash of the blood. They kept telling me their tails of bravery over policemen, Auto walas , and the Girls in their life. They kept telling me to ask them for help from them anytime if I need, be it in Disk or some gym or some police.

I kept asking them in-between that if they drop me here then can I get an auto or bus to go back home? Every time reply was, will drop me near my home.

At 11:45 we make a U turn and assumed we are moving back, They bought bear and chips and water on the way back. Now after some time we reached back to noida again. And searching for another ATM.  They started trying ATM again and again but were not able to pull out any money.  They kept trying till 1:30 from different ATMs in Delhi and Noida But were not able to get the Cash.    

It Was 1:30 In the Morning and they Dropped me in a deserted place without any Light and all Rain, With Rs 100 to go back to Home. I walked 50 Meters and stopped a Tempo(TATA ACE) and requested to drop me to wherever he can drop me. He dropped me some 2 Km From My place and I walked back to home, I give him that Rs 100 which those people have given me. At the end I with 0 Cash, No phone but was still alive to share this with you.

The Night Was Really Dark and Rain was Cold.  

Now where was I wrong or why was I wrong?

I approached the Taxi is my First Fault.
I was Desperate to move to home which lead to that Approach to Taxi.

I wish You all to be careful and not to let your Guard down not only in Noida but everywhere. This is just a one type of example which happened with me but there are many examples everywhere.

Take Care and Stay Alive J

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