suckles straight from a COW

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A toddler has been suckling milk directly from a cow ever since his mother went away to find work when a storm destroyed the family home.

Tha Sophat's grandfather revealed the 18-month-old had been feeding himself this way since July when his parents left Cambodia for Thailand.

After he stopped breast-feeding from his mother, the boy became ill, said the 46-year-old grandfather with whom the youngster is staying.

Neighbors and local officials in the village of Pheas in Siem Reap province, about 195 miles from the capital Phnom Penh, say they are not happy about the nursing. But his grandfather counters: 'His health is fine, he is strong and he doesn't have diarrhea'

The boy watched a calf nurse from its mother, and began to do the same thing, feeding directly from the cow each day, his grandfather said.

Tha Sophat suckles milk from a cow in Nokor Pheas village, 195 miles from the Cambodian capital. The 18-month-old toddler began suckling directly from a cow as part of his daily meals since his parents left to work in Thailand

--- அன்புடன் உங்கள் சகோதரன்: 
பரங்கிப்பேட்டை - காஜா நஜிமுதீன், ரியாத்.

The Almighty God says,

When a servant thinks of Me, I am near.
When he invokes Me, I am with him.
If he reflects on Me in secret, I reply in secret,
And if he acknowledges Me in an assembly,
I acknowledge him in a far superior assembly.

- Prophet Muhammad as reported by Abu Huraira

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