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Relax have a seat !!!!!!
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Your businesslike outlook will be even more business with these cufflinks.. copies of tissot watches are what any real man has to have.
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One of the best mails i have ever seen yet

Be thankful for all that you have.

They are not aware about the advanced world we live in 
Sitting on a grass mat, living an isolated life…. 

Child safety during play? 

Kids are living a reality that we cannot even imagine 

All that belongs to me is my body 

Which milk is the best for my baby?? I only want the best…but…. 

Study, play and work all in one….. 

Time to buy a new bedroom set??? 
How do orphans sleep.... 

Living on a pile of garbage 

Do you see hope in these eyes? 

Looking for food… 

Not happy with your 2 Bedroom Apartment??? 
This is my home, my world, my universe…. 

Next meal?? 

Don’t waste water, some people desperately need it… 

So what do you think about the life you are living? 
We could have been in one of these pictures isn't it. 
It is only due to the mercy of GOD AND NOT OUR OWN ABILITY that we are in air conditioned offices, with houses that stand empty all day, cupboards filled with food, closets filled with clothes, reading this e-mail. 
Why do we keep thinking of what we don't have or what we want to have? 
Do we ever count and appreciate the things that we do have? 
Do we have any idea of  how much  we actually have? 
Keep thanking GOD for the blessings and abundance He has showered upon us? 
Try to reach out to those who are in need today and everyday… 

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