The Best Tablets Available and Trending in 2013

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The Best Tablets Available and Trending in 2013

Tablet PCs have been trending mostly since last year and now people are moving from laptops towards tablets. Using the tablet you can surf internet, get your mails, use apps, play games, etc.

The best thing about the tablet is that it has a wide display and that too with the touch screen technology. The large display helps users to see the content clear. Although the large display increases the weight and size of tablet affecting comfort level but still people like them as a replacement of laptops.

Now here is a list of top or the best tablets that are available now in the Q1 of 2013. All these tablets have been trending and got good ratings and reviews.

New iPad

This is the world’s most popular and best tablet ever made. Apple the manufacturer had done really good work by designing such a simple looking high performing device.

The new iPad has got 4G LTE connectivity as well and it has got display having resolution even better than of full HD display and Apple calls it retina display. Recently a new version with 128GB internal storage was also launched.

Nexus 7

Nexus 7 opened the way for the tablets having 7 inch display otherwise people only liked the 10 inch ones. This tablet changed the era of tablet PCs a little bit by making huge success without having a 10 inch display.

Another thing due to which I like them is that it operates on Google’s most popular operating system i.e. Android. The android version has been the previous one, Jelly Bean 4.1. The performance of the device is really good and it is very light weight.

Microsoft Surface

This is what Microsoft is trying to show to the world but I don’t think majority of people are ready. The tablet runs on Windows phone operating system and that is why it is not getting the expected sales graph as people like android and iOS the most.

It has 10.6 inch giant display with resolution of 1366×768 pixels and weighs about 681 grams (pretty light weight). It has got internal 1.3GHz clock speed processor that provides good performance. The only best thing that I found in the Surface tablet is that its design.

iPad Mini

This tablet was mainly launched to compete with the tablets having 7-8 inch touch display. It has approx 8 inch display that looks really good but it’s not the retina one.

iPad mini is the cheaper version of the iPad as it got relatively little display size. The light weight of the device is really good and the processor is the dual core. Battery life is not so good but still it comes in the average list.

Kindle Fire HD

This one is from Amazon and was earlier launched to read books online but nowadays you can play games and run apps on this device. The device comes with a display size of 7inch and weighs about 395 grams.

The operating system of the device is customized and changed by the developers and it has a dual core processor inside.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This is Samsung’s best ever tablet and it is really worth of its price and my words. A S-pen stylus is provided using which you can control the things more easily and you can also draw images on your device easily.

This tablet runs of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and it weighs about 600 gram. The device got the quad core processor inside and has 10.1 inch display with multi touch feature. The battery life has been very decent and you don’t need to plugin the charger for the whole day.



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