A tribute to Joe Frazier.

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Joe Frazier, the former heavyweight champion who handed Muhammad Ali his first defeat (above) yet had to live forever in his shadow, has died in his Philadelphia home after a brief final fight with liver cancer. Frazier, 67, was diagnosed last month with the deadly disease, his personal and business manager said.

Losing battle: Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier has died after being diagnosed with cancer last month

Champion: Smokin' Joe Frazier, left, beat Muhammed Ali, right, in the 'fight of the Century' becoming the first heavyweight to defeat Ali

Epic: The referee points Frazier back to his corner after flooring Ali during the 'Fight of the Century'. Frazier won the title fight

Legends: Muhammad Ali gained his revenge on Frazier in the 'Thrilla in Manila' in the Philippines in 1975

Frazier, left in a pre-fight publicity shot, won the Olympic Gold Medal in the 1964 Tokyo Games (right) after beating Hans Huber of Germany in the final

Champions: The rivalries of Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Muhammad Ali will always be remembered as a golden age of heavyweight boxing

Meeting his match: George Foreman, right, responded to Frazier's constant attack by putting him on the canvas in their 1973  in Jamaica

Best of enemies: Frazier and Muhammad Ali at the ESPY Awards in Hollywood in 2002

Joe's daughter Jacqui Frazier-Lyde took to the ring in 2001 to fight Laila Ali, daughter of Muhammed

--- அன்புடன் உங்கள் சகோதரன்: 
பரங்கிப்பேட்டை - காஜா நஜிமுதீன், ரியாத்.

I was riding a camel which was being stubborn, so I began to beat it. The Prophet said to me,

Aishah related the following:

"Be kind, because kindness is an adornment to anything in which it is found, and anything from which it is lacking is disgraced"

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