The runaways.

  Varshini Singh
  karma level 49

When she awake, kate could see through the train window that it was dark. the landscape slid by, shadowy and silent. now and then , a pin-prick of light would streak past .gradually, the lights became more frequent as they approached the outer suburbs of the city . kate sat watching the lights intently, each one representing a place where someone lived, where they belonged

'We"re here"! thea announced . kate felt a thrill as she thrill as she thought about how drastically her life had changed in such a short time .she had expected to fell dreadfully homesick, but a present all she felt was the that surge of new energy and excitement that comes when a person decides to take control of their own density

The train slowed gradually and thenĀ stopped the two girls waited until they were sure everybody had disembarked and jumped from the doorway onto the tracks below , "we can't hide under the' kate hissed "what if it moves? just , there was a rush of air as the train's hydraulic brake was released . fwoooosh! both girls scooted out from under the carriage andĀ  scampered into the bushes at the base of the railway yard fence

"That scared the file out of me!" kate gasped, panic stricken. Thea's"s eyes were wide too, but she broke into a smile

"Well,we"re here! "

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