Those who feel Gujarat has bad politicians and image ...

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Those who feel Gujarat has bad politicians and image:


Title: How Gujarat has gone ahead? 8/12/2006 9:58 PM
Author: Editorial
Publication: Pudhari
Date: August 12, 2006

(Free translation from Marathi)

If there is a most censured and condemned Chief Minister during the last four and half years, he is Narendra Modi of Gujarat. If there is a most denounced state, it is Gujarat. If we trust intellectuals, politicians and media, then Gujarat would be the most unsafe and bankrupt state.

But is it the reality? If the news we hear, the discussions on news channels that we listen and also the accusations and counter arguments reach our ears are true, then we should have witnessed Gujarat as a most devastated state. Whenever a culture, society, nation or locality or town starts getting wrecked, it is the traders and industrialists who are the first to run away, because they suffer highest losses by riots, violence and destruction. Therefore, if the propaganda or information or rather disinformation were true, by this time, traders there should have
started running away. Industries and companies should have gone for
asylum to other states. But the reality is exactly opposite. A number of traders and industrialists from other states are storming Gujarat with their capital. The Gujarat, which was continuously denigrated, the same is now considered to be a most reliable and safe state. One and half year back, Rajeev Gandhi foundation had guaranteed it after a direct survey.


Now a study of Share Bazaar and investment is provided evidence for it. In economic transactions, Gujarat has become so much a word of prestige that many industrialists are running a race of joining the word Gujarat to their names. Or rather, in this race, there is highest demand to word 'Gujarat'.

In comparison, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Andhra and Karnatak
have fallen behind like anything. In Mumbai Share Bazaar, among those companies which are considered to be prestigious, the number of companies which have Gujarat in their name, is 70. Those who have Punjab in their name are 10 while those having Maharashtra are 8 only. Those, which use word Bharat, are 17 and those, which use India, are 50 only. Comparatively, Gujarat is far ahead.

Of course, the companies with Gujarat in their name do not stand first. The total capital of those companies using word India is Rs.90,000 crores. According to the statistics as of 4th August 2006 that was the situation. The capital of companies with the Bharat in their name, is Rs.82,000 crores. And then is the number of Gujarat which has Rs.30,000 crores capital. All other states are far behind. If figures are to be quoted, Punjab has 13,000 crores, Maharashtra 2,500 crores and Tamilnadu 850 crores. In short, Gujarat has become a prestigious state and name too. Now there is a possibility of cropping up of a question here, "Where is the connection of the so much condemned Narendra Modi in


Particularly, Maharashtra must ask this question. The financial capital of the country is the capital of Maharashtra. Four continuous decades fter independence Maharashtra has been the most industrialized and economically advanced state. Then why the state bearing the name Maharashtra should not have such prestige and credit in the industrial and commercial world? Shri Atul Tandon, director of Mudra communications, which is engaged in continuous study of these subjects, explains this phenomenon saying that "On some occasions, some companies adopt regional names for legal reasons. But mainly, it is because through those names, the meritorious excellence, reliability and industriousness of the people around is attributed to the company."

And it is here that Narendra Modi proves to be of importance. During the last four years, Narendra Modi as a chief minister, has taken clear-cut decisions and improved the economic structure of Gujarat and pulled all Government undertakings and Corporations out of losses and made them profitable. On one side when Government companies were being privatized because of bankruptcy, Modi brought State undertakings/companies in profit and this has given prestige and credit in the market to the name Gujarat. But who will print such news? And Modi has not only given fillip to the trade, but has made Gujarat the safest state in the entire country.

Gujarat is the safest state of all:

The name of the person who ended terrorism and violence in Punjab and established peace again is K. P. S. Gill. He convinced the then PM Rajeev Gandhi that terrorism can be finished not by discussion but by harsh measures. Rajeev Gandhi gave full powers to Gill and in 3 years he brought the Punjab train on rails again. Without taking steps like investigation, filing cases or giving Red Alert, he met the terrorists face to face.


That made terrorists retreat. Where they surrendered, they
were given chances to improve. Where they were adamant, there terrorism was shot through encounters. The same Gill was invited by Chief Minister Modi as Security Adviser after the riots of 2002. He suggested measures and Gujarat was pacified in 2 months. Now he is engaged as a security adviser to the Chhatisgarh Government also.

There was a great ruckus over the visit of Modi to Mumbai after the bomb blasts. Modi's speech about ending terrorism was highly disputed. But during the last four years there has never been any terrorist incident in Gujarat. There, the terrorists are shot dead first and afterwards search of his supporters starts. Mr Gill has opined that if Maharashtra Government had followed Gujarat government, the incident of Mumbai blasts would not have taken
place. After finding explosives from Aurangabad it should have taken the assistance of Gujarat. Instead of running after the Dance Bars, Maharashtra Government should have spent their power on concentrating their strength on hunting the Jihadi terrorists. Gujarat (meaning the most denigrated Narendra Modi) does not wait for any terrorist incident to take place. Always on alert it hunts for Jihadis, terrorists and shoots them. Hence only Gujarat has become the safest state of all in the country. People there are not afraid to live. But Jihadis are scared to go in Gujarat. "That is called security," says Gill.

Thanks and Regards.

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'Neither money pays, nor name, nor fame, nor learning it is character that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties'
- Swami Vivekananda

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