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Portrait of a Friend




I can't give solutions to all of
life's problems, doubts, or fears.
But I can listen to you and
together we will search for answers.


I can't change your past with all it's heartache and pain,
nor the future with it's untold stories.
But I can be there now when you need me to care.


I can't keep your
feet from stumbling.
I can only offer my hand
that you may grasp it
and not fall.


Your joys, triumps, success,
and happiness are not mine;
Yet I can share in your laughter.


Your decisions in life are not mine to make, nor to judge;
I can only support you, encourage you,
and help you when you ask.


I can't prevent you from
falling away from friendship,
from your values, from me.
I can only pray for you,
talk to you, and wait for you.


I can't give you boundaries which I have determined for you,
But I can give you the room to change, room to grow,
room to be yourself.


I can't keep your heart from breaking and hurting,
But I can cry with you and help you pick up the pieces
and put them back in place.



  I can't tell you who you are.
I can only love you and be your friend.



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