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Benefits of  Turmeric
While many of us are aware of the numerous benefits of this deep, exotic yellow spice, few incorporate  turmeric  in our daily use, other than sprinkling a little of it in our daal and subzi.  Turmeric ,  a member of the ginger family, has been used for healing by Ayurvedic means, since time immemorial.  Turmeric  has anti-inflammatory properties, and is an  good antiseptic . In addition, it is great for the skin . So before investing in an expensive beauty product, take a look in your kitchen. 
The  turmeric  you get in packets is not the pure form, which is why it is best that you try and find someone who supplies pure  turmeric  powder, or use the root and  make your own  paste. 

Here are just a few of the various benefits of  turmeric :

Reduces Pigmentation
Plagued with pigmentation?  Turmeric  can help even out your skin tone and colour. Simply apply a little  turmeric  mixed with cucumber juice or lemon to the affected area. Leave on for fifteen minutes or more, and wash off. Do this everyday, and gradually you will notice your skin colour returning to normal. 
Strengthens Bones
Drink a quarter glass  turmeric  juice every night, with milk. The best way to have this is to take a ½ inch piece of  turmeric  and boil it with half a  glass of milk . Once the milk has turned yellow, remove from fire, let it cool slightly, and sip this. This will cure numerous ailments. Women especially should drink this every night, as it strengthens bones and reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis. 
Softens the Body
Turmeric  is a wonderful body scrub, which is why Indian brides apply a turmeric  and gram flour (besan) mix to their entire body, the morning of the wedding. It leaves your skin soft, smooth and glowing. Of course, a single application will not really make that much of a difference. Do this regularly, and watch your skin change for the better - much better.
Makes  the Skin  Supple
If you are planning a pregnancy, apply a mixture of  turmeric  and malai or turmeric  and curd to your stomach and waist before going for a bath. Leave it on for fifteen minutes, and wash off. If desired, you could even apply this mixture after bathing. After you have washed off the soap, apply the malai and haldi mixture, leave it on for five minutes, and wash off only with water. Gently, wipe your stomach with the towel. The sooner you start this routine, the more supple and elastic your skin will become, and after giving birth, you will not be left with unsightly stretch marks.  
Inhibits Cell Damage
Turmeric  is an  excellent  anti-oxidant , which essentially means that it stabilizes unstable oxygen molecules. These are known as free radicals, and are what cause damage to cells, leading to ageing and various other diseases such as cancer. 
Fights Diarrhoea
Turmeric  fights the bacteria that causes diarrhoea, so the next time your stomach starts 'running', reach for some haldi. German health authorities have officially declared  turmeric  herbal tea to be a cure for loose stools. 
All around the world you can now avail of  turmeric  in the form of teas, capsules, tinctures, lotions, ointments and powder. However, here, you have access to  turmeric  in its purest form, so make the most use of it. 

T hanks & R egards,

R upesh T hakur

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