Types of Train Waiting Lists and Chances of Confirmation.

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Indian Railways is one of the biggest railway networks in the world and majority of the Indians prefer to travel on trains than roadways and seaways as it is said to be the fastest mode of transport compared to all. If you’re familiar with traveling on trains, then you might have had an idea about the different terminologies such as Confirmed, RAC, WL, GNWL. However, only a few people out of these frequent travelers know about the terms CKWL, PQWL, RLWL etc…
The sole motive of this article is to make you familiar with the terminologies (waiting lists) used by the Indian Railways.

Confirmed Tickets : Every train will have a fixed number of seats which will be available for booking and if you’ve booked a ticket within that specified allocated number, then the status of your ticket will be “confirmed”.

RAC Tickets : RAC implies Reservation against Cancellation. Even though all the fixed number of tickets for a train have been booked, the booking will continue without fail and all those additional tickets will be marked as RAC i.e., all the people with RAC tickets will have a guarantee seat in case their tickets are not confirmed. In such case, you’ll have to share a berth (seats) with another person with RAC ticket. Generally, there will be 90 additional seats in RAC quota and side-lower berths are allotted to RAC ticket holders as it will be easy for them to sit without facing any problems.

WL (Waiting List) : The booking will continue even if the 90 seats of RAC quota are filled but these will be marked as “waiting list tickets”. Normally, the limit for waiting lists would be ~300 and next to that bookings will be closed and you’ll get “REGRET”.
Usually, it is printed as WL50 on your ticket which means there are 50 people waiting to get at least an RAC ticket before you. And sometimes, it will be shown as WL80/WL17, which means you’ll be at 17th position and the “80” represents the status of the waiting list when booked.

CKWL : Tatkal train tickets will have this type of waiting lists and these tickets will get confirmed only if a tatkal ticket is cancelled. So, there will be very less chances of confirmed berths if your CKWL slot is more than 15.

PQWL : It is a short form of Pooled quota waiting list. These quotas are usually used by small stations on the route between the main stations and so this quota will not be available for starting point people as they’ll be allowed only for the people from middle/small stations for shorter distances. As the quota is small, chances are very less for confirmation of the tickets.

RLWL : It means Remote location waiting list. This particular quota is meant for the travelers from non-starting main stops like major cities or metros until small stops which come before the terminating stop. Waiting list confirmation chances for this quota will depend only on the cancelled tickets booked in the same quota. So, a very less chance for the confirmation.

Also, there are few other lesser known quotas like Emergency quota, RQWL, Foreign Tourist quota, Ladies quota which too fall under waiting lists category. Hope, by now, you have got an idea of how IRCTC waiting lists work and the chances of confirmation for each quota.

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