Incredible world records.

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Following are the most terrific and incredible world records of that will make you wonder. Let’s have a look over them.

1. Smallest Cow In The World

The name of smallest cow in world is Dexter cow Swallow. This cute little cow is only 33 inches tall and has come from Pike End Farm in North Yorkshire. It has indeed broken record of being smallest cow in world.

2. Largest Smurf Collection In The World

Stephen Parkes has made world record of having largest Smurf collection. He is 44 years old and belongs to Nottingham. He has over 1,061 Smurf figures and you will definitely thing that such a man loves Smurfs that much WOW!

3. Most Bottles Recycled By A Dog

Most astounding and amazing thing is that like men, animals are also become concerned for environment and Tubby who is a dog actually has prove this by making world’s record of recycling 26,000 plastic bottles. Sandra Gilmore is owner of this incredible dog and helped it in making this record.

4. Longest Distance By A Horse On Hind Legs

Doc is wonderful and astonishing horse who has set great world record of covering longest distance on hind legs. Gregory Ancelotti has helped this horse and the record was made in Italy, April 2009.


5. World’s Heaviest Plane Pulled By A Man

Kevin Fast has done an incredible job by pulling heaviest plane of about 188.83 tons of weight. This guy has set this record at Canadian Forces Base, Ontario, and Sept. 17, 2009.

6. Most Straws Stuffed In Mouth

How many straws you can hold in your at a time? Can you believe that Simon Elmore has put 400 straws and he has kept them in mouth for 10 seconds? He did great job thumbs up to you Simon.

7. Biggest English Breakfast In The World

You all are invited at the great, delicious and huge feast that is organized by Mario in his cafe which is completely free. Yes! Is it amazing? But you can enjoy this huge menu containing dishes up 10 eggs, sausages plus bacon rashers, 5 black puddings and bunches of mushrooms and beans; for free only if you completely eat it up in 20 minutes only.

8. Longest Living Snake in the World

This Python snake has made world record of being longest living snake. This snake is found and is taken care of in Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio, US. It can stretch up to 24 feet long.

9. Fastest Time To Pop 100 Balloons By A Dog

Anastasia is a dog that has made fastest world record of popping 100 balloons in just 44.49 seconds. The record was set in February 24th, 2008 live on US TV show.

10. Longest Tongue of a Dog

Puggy is long tongue dog whose tongue is really really long as measurements are 4.5 inches. The owner of this dog is Becky Stanford (USA).


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