Whom to blame for cricket matches losses.?? :-)

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After all this i think.. we should stop using the brands these cricters endorse.. there is no use complaining that
they are concentrating more on their ads than their cricket.... we can't stop them from signing their contracts...

but what we can do is to stop using all the products they endorse... this will stop them from getting ads and may be .. i say may be..
they will concentrate more on their game....

lets make a list of products each of these people endorse.. and show strong will to stop using those products.. no matter how much we like that products..

believe me.. it will be good for our pockets as well as our hearts.. which get broken after every match....

wat do you all say guys... let me know your views..

1) Sehwag - U cant blame him. He played his natural game (and got out,

2) Tendulkar - U cant blame him. He scored a 50 (like a tortoise)

3) Laxman - U cant blame him. This was his first match after a long gap.

(Just wait for another 10 matches)

4) Mongia - U cant blame him. He played well. (Just that he thought the
test series had already started)

5) D. Karthik - U cant blame him. He won us the 20-20 match (He is not
used to the 50-50 format)

6) Dhoni - U cant blame him. He tried for a big shot and got caught at
the boundary (well .. ok .. 20 metres from the boundary line)

7) Pathan - U cant blame him. He's an allrounder. (Like Alok Kapali -
The Bangladesh allrounder)

8) Harbhajan - U cant blame him. He's the best spinner we have (He's the

only one, so he has to be the best)

9) Kumble - U cant blame him. He's a fighter (and a loser)

10) Zaheer - U cant blame him. He is the fastest bowler (The ball
disappears fast as well)

11) Sreesanth - U cant blame him. Atleast he has the guts to look into
the batsman's eyes (after being smashed all over the park)

Chappel - U cant blame him. He's building the team for the World Cup (He

may be missing at that time though)

Kaif & Raina - U cant blame them. They didn't play (Thank God)

Selectors - U can't blame them. They are giving chance to youngsters and
they are sending DADA to save the team :) (Who has successfully scored a
century in Domestic cricket in just one year time FANTASTIC

If there is anyone to blame, it's the people of India (who are still watching these

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