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Why I left Syntel.

This is a story of how Syntel is cheating the IT professionals.
1. About Black Listed Company:- When we got offer letter from Syntel, lots of IT people told us not to join because SYNTEL is Black Listed Company. We wanted the clarification from the HR Department as well as the other managers, who clearly denied. The truth came some days before as HSBC bank reject the loan application of one of the employees of SYNTEL as the company is a Black Listed company in US.
2. About noncompliance with the Date committed to the client:- SYNTEL gets the project from the client like DC and other with false assurance like "we deliver the project within 6 months which should take 1 year at least. They force the employees to work day and night by killing their social lives. After the delivery of the project most of the project crashes.
3. About the bad management: In Syntel there is no work culture. They say they are process oriented. But the truth is it is purely Manager oritented. There is no process for anything. For example Appraisal. There is goal setting for any employee. It is totally depends on the manager to whom he want as PL, or to whom he will give appraisal and to whom he will not.
Last time when I was in Syntel, I got rating as Excellent 20, which is the best performed employee. Later the manager changed that. When I enquired he said that it was a mistake as official. But he talked to me and said because he don't obey my instruction, therefore your rating was degraded. This is a purely dictatorship. I raised this mater with DM, DD and HR manager, but nothing happened, because there is no process. What the manager said is final.
Before I joined they promised me that they will r eimburse my Notice period money which was collected by the previous company. After I join they said we can not r eimburse as it is not according to our policy. I said then why you promised me. They told we said like that but as can not do as it is not according to our policy.
Anyway what I can say SYNTEL is an useless company which does not care for talent. It only cars for those who are loyal to the managers. You don't have Independence to work or to express you view.
Latest news in SYNTEL, sex scandal between a manager and one lady employee which was cough by camera. The employee who caught that was thrown out of company.
Please forward this to everyone so that they should not be cheated.

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