Why PMT is being slowly phased out?

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Dear Sir,
Punes' so called CEO Suresh Kalmadi is determined to kill Pune Muncipal Transport.

Why is Suresh Kalamadi doing it - For SAI Service?
Vested interest. The Suresh Kalmadi own's Pune's leading Two-wheeler and Four Wheeler dealer company- Sai Service. It makes money by selling two and four wheelers.Less Public Transport. More sales two wheeler sales. More Money. The Kalmadi's have more than 10 outlets spread across the city to sell motor vehicles.  It is the Kalmadi family's business interests that has motivated Suresh Kalamdi to implement a sinister plan.
"Kill Punes' Public Transport system".
So that Puneites now have only one option-buy a two wheeler or four wheeler to be move around.  

Suresh Kalmadi belongs to the Congress Party that controls the Parliment, State and Pune Muncipal Corporation which makes the city's development decisions.Now he controls how we live.

How he has done it?
Here are examples of  Suresh Kalmadi's wicked policies.
1) Instead utilizing the Rs1000 crore budget to implement  a viable Public transport system that can cover more than 500 square km, he is utilizing the funds to implement a hitech sky bus transport which will cover only 25 km.
2) PMC has stopped funding Pune Municipal Transport to buy better buses to meet the increasing demand.So today, citizens have to
wait for hours for a bus. Once you are in  citizens are squeezed.
3) PMC has banned the Six-Seater off city limits.Another travel option has been cut.
4)When he was the Railway minister he didn't approve the Ring Railway for Pune city.
5)He is instrumental in allowing the interstate heavy trucks to move through the ciy. Though there are alternative by-pass routes available through the outskirts.
6)He is utilizing the valuable funds to implement funny projects.

If the public transport facilities in Pune improve, poeple can  travel easily and they will stop buying own vehicles from his outlets. Kalmadi will lose money.

What motivated the writer to research and write this article?
I lost my son in an accident. Details of his and my pain, I don't want to share.
So many people in Pune have lost their children, brothers and sisters in accident. So why  should only I be sad and angry?
1)You tell me how many cities are there in this world where on an average two lifes are lost daily to accidents?
2)Can't we make Pune city like other cities in the country, where there are few accidents?
3)Why should we have our children, brothers and sisters killed and injured like this?
4)Wouldn't it have been better if they died defending our nation?
What the writer is going to do about it?
-It is my life's mission to make Pune safer.Do a "Rang de Basanti" on these spineless politicians.
For me it has been late. But for you "Better late, than never".

What you can do about it?
1)Please forward this email to as many Puneites as you can.
2)When to see an accident victim, please please spare a few minutes make sure the victim receives help or atleast call ambulance and police.
3)Wear a helment
4)Follow traffic rules
5)Drive Safely
6)Stop buying vehicles from SAI Service.



Adhiraj Joglekar <adhirajjoglekar@
yahoo.com > wrote:
I can only partly agree with Mr Thote. Yes, slum dwellers need to be housed, it is matter of social welfare, a government responsibility. The problem is where do you find money for these poor people when it is wasted away on needless by-passes and tunnels / flyovers.

Look at the rate of rise in number of vehicles in Pune, look at the rate of rise in population of Pune, is building roads and then more roads ever going to work.

SB Marg was widened, look at it today, is it not congested. And at what cost, there is no footpath on majority of this road. Stand outside passport office, and hand on heart tell me if you felt safe crossing this road during peak hours.

We are not an oil producing nation, we do not have the technology to run cars on hydrogen, keep that in context, brace your self for the future which will have to be full of sacrifices. The solution is -

1) Bus based public transport, PMT needs eitherrevamping or we need a new public private enterprise as in Indore.
2) Removing petrol subsidy for personal vehicles, dear friends it will happen someday, like it or not.
3) Like elsewhere in the world, use of personal motorised vehicles has to become a previlage, a very costly one and not a right. Congestion cahrging or fuel surcharges will have to be introduced.

Lets stop dreaming of a road over hill and bypass solving our problem. It only does one thing,
majzya angnatla kachara tujzya angnat, very Indian indeed.

Problem on LC will be diverted elsewhere, but then that's not a problem, we build another by-pass, another flyover, then flyovers over flyovers (La Singapore), then a Metro, then a Sky Bus. Imagine Pune Landscape in 2050

But, with all this money spent, you will still have filth, people begging, the homeless, indiscipplined traffic, so make sure you add this to your image of Pune in 2050.

Sorry to have sounded rude, but Pune needs more than good/more/wider roads.


Madhukar Thote <
mythote@gmail.com > wrote:
I  ( as a lover of Green Belt-I have so far planted about 500 trees on vetal Hill where I go for a morning walk every day) do appreciate the concern of the environmental group and other like minded persons about the damage to the thin greenary along the proposed road. Instead of stopping the road construction, we should come out with constructive suggestions to solve the problem and this concern should not be limited to construction of roads alone but should encompass wider issues like the growth of slums on the Vetal Hills who not only occupy the beautiful area of the hills (destroying the green belt in the process) but pose a perpetual danger to the green belt as they go on cutting trees througout the year. ( I had also led a delegation to the forest Officer who stays at the base of the hilI to stop this practice) I have never heard the environmental group being active when it comes to the problems posed by the slums. They are also human beings and PMC should provide them with proper shelter on plain land.
Coming to the proposed road, the tunnel as decided a few years ago, appears to be a viable solution. Environmental group should consider this aspect and if feasible, persue with the authorities rather than opposing the road. There are many people who want the road to reduce pressure on the Law College Road. The other alternative is to replant the uprooted trees on both sides of the proposed road. This was successful when Senapati Bapat Road was widened. I would request all those who want to protest to think coolly and protest for viable alternatives rather than for dropping the road altogether. Widening of the exixting Law college road is no alternative as half the buildings will have to be pulled down for this purpose.

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