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Welcome to Survivor India – the true battle of wit, integrity and existence amongst the most basic elements. Where a few will falter and others will stumble, only ONE will make it across the most difficult obstacle path ever and reach blazing glory, to win ‘ Survivor India – Jee Paaoge? '

Survivor is a reality television show that enjoys popularity in several countries across the world. It premiered 11 years ago in the USA and has completed 21 seasons there so far. This success has been replicated in over 48 countries worldwide. ' Survivor India – Jee Paaoge? ' will test the spirit of 22 ordinary, yet extraordinary, people marooned on an uninhabited island.

While the contestants will find their own food, build their own shelter and create their own society. They will be pitted against each other in tests of strategy and guile. In never-before-seen conditions on Indian Television, twenty-two competitors will leave the island, while one will emerge triumphant... the sole Survivor.

in at 9.00 PM


"Scandal Queen" Payal

Claim to fame : Payal won the Miss Tourism World title in 2003 in Medellin, South America. Her claim to fame was her stint in Big Boss 2. She has acted in films like 36 China Town, Corporate, Dil Kabbadi and Dho l. Wherever Payal goes, scandals seem to follow. She is impulsive and speaks her mind. Payal is a glamorous diva with a lot of spunk and attitude.

Survivor Quotient: Scandal after scandal, still standing tall!

"Nek Dil" Shilpa

Claim to fame: Shilpa is best known for her role as Ganga in the popular soap Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi . She also featured in many popular shows like Kkusum and Lavanya . In real life too, she is a progressive bahu, especially evident after her stint in reality shows such as Nach Baliye and Pati Patni Aur Woh . She is a much loved Indian telly actor. Shilpa is a people’s person and gets what she wants in her friendly manner. Her husband Apurva has encouraged her to be on Survivor India. She is crossing the dehleez of her home for the first time.

Survivor Quotient: Quiet and peaceful, always wishful

"Zindadil" JD

Claim to fame: Over the years, Jamnadas Majethia has given us enough reasons to laugh through his immensely popular comedy shows. Who can forget Instant Khichdi and Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai ? Adding to the fun quotient, Jamnadas is more like a father figure ready to help everyone. He is a family man, and loves his wife and kids. A firm believer in god, he is here to prove to his kids that he is a “Super Dad”.

Survivor Quotient: Laugh all the way, and the results will pay

"Mahabali" Sangram

Claim to fame: Unbeaten winner of the Delhi Wrestling Championship from 2002 - 2007, Sangram Singh has many awards to his name. They include 2 gold medals in CWG, Arjuna Award and Rajiv Gandhi Award and Best Pro Wrestler of the world 2009. Coming from a modest family in Haryana, his journey of suffering from severe arthritis, towards becoming a star wrestler is touching. Not one to be beaten down easily, Sangram is more than your average local boy. The simple minded Sangram is popular in Haryana.

Survivor Quotient: Give 100% baaki sab bhagwan pe chhod do.

"Jaanbaz" Abhinav

Claim to fame: With an undying love for athletics and cycling, Abhinav is the Hero in the true sense of the word. His portrayal of the character Dev, in STAR One’s popular show Geet Hui Sabse Parayi won him much acclaim. Abhinav is an adventure-loving person, and outdoorsy boy – he loves camping. Abhinav’s true self emerges amidst nature. Surviving on the island will be easy for him but handling people will be the tough part.

Survivor Quotient: Dashing personality and willing to take risks

"Navabzaade" Karan

Claim to fame: Having gained immense popularity as Robbie Sabarwal in STAR Plus’s Kasturi , Karan has also appeared in reality shows like Nach Baliye 3 and Kaho Naa Yaar Hai . With many other popular shows to his name, City of Gold marked Karan’s Bollywood debut. He was born with a silver spoon, and has got all that he’s wanted. How will he cope with a life of deprivation on Survivor? Aggressive, hot headed Karan believes in ruling his own life.

Survivor Quotient: Bad, and proud of it!

"Dream Girl" Priyanka

Claim to fame: Priyanka Bassi is a television actress who began her career with an English soap opera, Bombay Talking in 2005. She made a name for herself when she portrayed the role of “Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwalia” in the serial Left Right Left . Bassi was also seen in serials like Rang Badalti Odhani and Surya The Super Cop, where she portrayed characters which have a bubbly but strong role. Bassi has a charming girl next door image. She will make an ideal bahu.

Survivor Quotient: Not just eye candy, but also grit and determination

"Jazbaati" Monisha

Claim to fame: Actress cum tarot card reader, Monisha Khatwani has worked in Bollywood as well as television. She has performed with veteran Bollywood stars like Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Shabana Azmi and also worked in TV serials like Shaadi No 1 , Sajan Tum Jhoot Mat Bolo and Teen Deviyann . A firm believer of numerology, she changed her name from Monisha to Munisha. She also reads tarot cards for several well known celebs.

Survivor Quotient: Spirituality inspires her towards the right path

"Mast Maula" Rajesh

Claim to fame: Rajesh Khera is a television as well as film actor. He came into the limelight when he played a gay character in the popular serial Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin . He has always been passionate about drama and came to Mumbai with the intention of acting. After an initial struggle, he was seen essaying strong roles in serials like Tara, Swabhimaan, Raahein, Raahat, Ithihaas and Saaya . He then ventured onto the big screen with Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa , followed by Josh, Taal, Tum Bin, Hu Tu Tu and Samay . He has a philosophical outlook towards life.

Survivor Quotient: How far can his maturity take him?

"Saudagar" Rohit

Claim to fame: Restaurateur Rohit Narang, better known as Timmy Narang owns a lounge cum restaurant in Mumbai. Prior to his marriage with Bollywood actress, Isha Koppikar, he was known as one of the most eligible bachelors. He is the brother of well known socialite, Ramona Narang. He leads a luxurious life, and eats every two hours. How is he going to tough it out in the wild?

Survivor Quotient: True test as he moves away from his luxurious life

"Bemisaal" Sylvie

Claim to fame : Sylvie was born a man, Sylvester Rodgers. However in search of her true self, she became a transgender and began cross-dressing as a woman. Sylvie not only changed her identity but also gave up her career as a surgeon, to pursue what she loved, hairstyling and grooming. Sylvie has two children and today after much struggle has her own hair salon, frequented by high profile clients. Sylvie believes in living her life on her own terms and believes in making her own choices.
Survivor Quotient: Makes her own rules and choices

"Fauladi" Harrison

Harrison James has a strong and confident personality and is a fitness trainer by profession. He is obssesed with working out and is a tough taskmaster with his clients. He hates violating rules and is a very loyal friend. With this challenge, he wants to see how he can push himself to surivive out of his comfort zone. Harrison is inseparable from his girlfriend, and this will be tough on him as they will be away from each other for a long time.

Survivor Quotient: Big competitor at the challenges

"Drama Queen" Gisele

The 23 year old Gisele has been a fashion model for 6 years, and has featured in the Kingfishers Calendar 2011. With a few south Indian movies and beauty pageants to her name, Gisele feels lost without her makeup and lavish life. A spendthrift, she also loves shopping and is scared to go to the island because she claims she can live without food but not make-up! Not to be mistaken for a dumb model, Gisele is smart and waits for the right time to take her revenge.

Survivor Quotient: Playing dumb can sometimes be smart

"Vichitra" Michael

Michael is a research scientist, who is a bit eccentric, likes doing unusual things and has a scientific explanation for everything. Michael is an introvert and loner by nature, but once he starts talking there is no stopping him. He has survived 16500 feet in sub zero level -20 degrees and believes that this experience will help him survive anything.

Survivor Quotient: His thinking mind will keep him a step ahead

"Bindaas" Preeti

Preeti likes cars, racing and partying with friends. She does what her heart and mind says and does not like taking orders from others. A pampered child, Preeti is used to getting her own way by using her charm and also likes making others dance to her tunes. An impulsive person by nature, she gets upset and angry quickly, if things don't go her way. Preeti hopes to be famous someday.

Survivor Quotient: Carefree attitude can work for her

"Khiladi No 1" Raj Rani

Raj Rani is a state level hockey player and comes from a small town in Haryana. Raj Rani is in great shape and can give everyone, including the men on Survivor, tough competition. She is a headstrong girl, who supports her family and feels that women are equal to men. Raj Rani has a lot of strength and can take on anyone easily. Her nature is to always complete any task that she undertakes. She has dreams of playing hockey for her country someday.

Survivor Quotient: A small town tough cookie

"Dilphek" Sai

A 33 year old businessman, Sai Gundewar is a winner amongst women. A natural at impressing women and flirting with them, his charm is infectious. He runs his own health food business and is always open to taking new ideas on board. Sai also loves meeting new people and gaining new experiences. A food lover, Sai wants to move out of his comfort zone in respect to eating.

Survivor Quotient : Natural charm should influence women

"Teztarrar" Sanober

Sanober Pardiwala is a 24 year old Bollywood stunt artist who has lived life the hard way. With an undying passion for danger, Sanober has performed innumerabe stunts for many beautiful women in the industry. Dominating by nature, she does what she feels is right and is not someone who can be pleased easily. She despises lies and manipulation more than anything else. Sanober wants to carve a niche for herself and establish her own identity.

Survivor Quotient: Swift and smart in love with dangers

"Ziddi" Shivam

Shivam is a student who wants to create his own identity. Super stubborn, the 23 year old is carefree and does exactly what he wishes. He wants to clear his father’s myth about him being an unfocussed child with no drive in life. Shivam firmly believes he has potential and can be an achiever in all respects. He is an enthusiastic and energetic young boy.

Survivor Quotient: Will get his way by hook or crook

"Joshili" Evelyn

An unusual choice for a TV show, Evelyn Sayal is a confident person with a dynamic personality. A voice and accent trainer by profession from Chandigarh, she doesn’t let her weight issues bog her down. The bubbly Evelyn is strong-willed, and believes in herself. Despite being overweight, she loves to eat. Not one to linger in her past, she comes across as courageous and sensible.

Survivor Quotient: Self belief can take her a long way

"NRI" StithPragya

Raised in Toronto, StithPragya Mohan is an RJ with an Indian Radio Station in Canada. True to his roots and values, despite spending his growing up years in Canada, his Hindi is impeccable. An adventure loving person, he is also into sports and loves basketball in particular. Besides being well-spoken and cultured, StithPragya is pretty mature and stable by nature.

Survivor Quotient: Balanced and clear about goals

"Shaatir Rishi" Raj

A stylist from Delhi, Rishi Raj is gay and very open about it. He knows what he wants and lives life on his own terms. He is a sharp man who wants to prove that those of alternate sexuality can be adventurous too. He wants to break the media stereotype of gays being portrayed as weak people.

Survivor Quotient: Strategies can get you a long way



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