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  FB150-V wireless interactive whiteboard 


FB150-V bundle with latest WizTeach full version software for free !!  . Available in 36 languages.


For more WizTeach information .




























































FB150-V   Wireless portable interactive whiteboard   


A4 size writing area and wireless connection up to 48 users



Function 1 : Working as wireless interactive whiteboard



Function 2 : Working as wireless drawing board. Monitor and view up to 48 users drawing in real time.



Function 3 : Working as wireless voting system to monitor the multiple choose answers input and statistic result immediately.



What is   NEW   in FB150-V  ? ... Built-in voting system

ONfinity FB150-V is a fully featured portable wireless interactive whiteboard system that enables interactive teaching from anywhere in the classroom. The superior wireless connectivity and easy portability makes it the ideal plug and play solution for interactive presentations and engagement.

The  built-in voting system of the FB150-V enables a truly interactive class or meeting experience.  One dongle is capable of supporting 48 voting systems,   which alongside its   real-time browse function to monitor the progress of the students .  With its cutting-edge design and wireless ability, the FB150-V is the most effective and innovative presentation tool designed for the next generation.


To watch the live demo video:   FB150 Video    

  For more information, please visit : www.ONfinity.com   or  Email: Sales@Ontecgroup.com

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