World's Shortest Man

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Khagendra, a Nepali, is  set to be named World's Shortest Man on his 18th birthday

Like most teenagers on their 18th birthday, Khagendra Thapa Magar received a variety of gifts and a series of visitors.  

His favourite present was a toy drum given to him by his father Rup Bahadur, and the teenager's joy was plain to see as he danced to the drum's beat for photographs.

But the snaps were more than just keepsakes for the family album.

Big day: Khagendra Thapa Magar will be declared the world's shortest man today - his 18th birthday

No little task: Khagendra's height is measured by Dr. Hom Neupane (left) and Guinness Book of World Records representative Marco Frigatti

Having a little dance: Khagendra dances to the sound of his new drum in front of the world's press

You do get many of those to the pound: Khagendra is weighed during his official assessment by Guinness World Records

His birthday party also brought a the international press to his modest home in Pokhara, a town 125 miles west of Katmandu, Nepal.

More importantly, the big day brought a visit from some people Khagendra has been waiting for since he was 14 - doctors and officials from Guinness World Records.

After measuring his height - 25.8 inches - the officials are expected to officially declare him to be the shortest man in the world later today, confirming a long-held dream for the tiny teen.

'I am very happy and excited,'said Khagendra, who weighed just 1.3 pounds at birth.

Small portions: Khagendra and his family enjoyed a celebratory meal at a restaurant the night before he turned 18

Peek-a-boo: The 26-inch 18-year-old can barely see over the top of the table

Magar's family have campaigned to get him the crown for years but earlier claims to the title were rejected by Guinness because of the possibility he might grow before he reached 18.

Khagendra instead had to settle for being named the shortest living teen, with the grand title he so desired in the tiny hands of Edward Nino Hernandez, a dancer from Colombia, who measures a towering 27 inches, comparatively speaking.

Khagendra's doctor for the past five years says the teenager, who weighs just over 12 pounds, has the body of a three-year-old.

Man at work: Khagendra, pictured here with his mother Dhan Maya, helps out at his parents' fruit shop

At home: Khagendra sits in the garden with his mother at their home in Pokhara, Nepal

'His body structure is like that of a small child and he also thinks and behaves in that manner,' said Hum Prasad Newpane.

His father, a fruit seller, has no explanation for why Khagendra never grew any taller because his younger brother is a normal height for a boy of 13.

Khagendra, who is part of a dancing troupe when he isn't helping out his parents in their fruit shop, is ready for the media spotlight that will accompany his new title.

He excitedly jumped onto the table and made tea for all the members of the press who arrived at his rented home and he wants to make the most of the opportunities that the title brings.

Next year he is to serve as a government-appointed goodwill ambassador as his nation celebrates Visit Nepal Year.

But previous holders of the tile have earned film and acting roles, and earned a level of celebrity from the title.

Whatever the future holds, today is a big day for the little man.

Job done: Khagendra sits with the President of Khagendra Foundation, which campaigned to get him recognized as world's shortest man


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